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Our water treatment / water damage treatment services ensure your access to pathogen and pollutant-free clean water. The water coming to our homes through faucets is also subject to contamination due to several reasons. Whether the contamination remains unsighted to us, it harms our health adversely, further causing many water borne diseases. Good Guys provide an extensive range of water treatment services to the households to provide clean and safe water for use.

Our Services

Water Softener

Water softener helps in balancing the water level. It helps the water to soften. Hard water has comparatively high mineral content, which can cause damage to the appliances. ... Read More

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis filtration removes particles and contaminants to deliver the water in its purest form. If you want a water filter with some great features.. Read More

Water Treatment

Clean water is something that keeps us healthy, and it should be available to everyone. With the rising health issues, it becomes essential to consume pure drinking water. ... Read More

Our Additional Services

Mold Remediation and Restoration
Mold removal and remediation should be done by the qualified mold specialist who has the experience and formal training. Good Guys has the entire team of such mold remediation and removal specialists. Mold removal specialists take a professional approach to identify the source of mold growth. Then, they recognize the affected areas and follow a proper procedure to remove it. The mold inspection done by mold specialists includes taking the sample and testing the air of your home to detect the extent of mold growth. Mold inspection ensures both the safety and good health of your home and its occupants.
HVAC Services
Good Guys has a lot of HVAC services and technicians all across the country. Do you know what does it mean? It means that our HVAC experts are just a minute away from you. You can get them in only a few minutes as soon as you schedule a meeting with us through call or email. We service all models and makes of big to small HVAC brands. Our experts provide every type of HVAC service, including residential and commercial repair and maintenance and indoor air quality. You will start saving a big on all your expenses associated with heating and cooling systems with our efficient HVAC services.
Plumbing Services
An attempt to fix even the minor plumbing repairs yourself without proper knowledge and skill can cause massive problems. Book your plumber according to your need and existing plumbing problem through the Good Guys website and by calling us. You can rest assured to get the best and capable plumber through Good Guys, who will get your plumbing job done right there and then. Good Guys allows the customers to book the local plumbers and get the benefits from ability and knowledge. Contact our plumbers for plumbing repairs, replacement, maintenance, and inspections. Get the water and water heaters leak detected at the time before they become too severe for you.
Electrical Services
No electrical work is too big or small for Good Guys’ electricians. Our electrical services include routine electrical repairs, emergency electrical services, circuit updates and installations, installing and repairing generators, circuit updates and facilities, commercial energy installations, installing and maintaining solar energy systems, industrial generators, CO detectors and smoke detectors, power conditioners, exhaust fan repair, water heater repair and many more. The process to get the Good Guys electrician is straightforward, you will need to search for the best electrician or electrician repair service near me. Getting the right electrician will always keep you and your family safe and home secure.
Water Treatment
What course of action our water treatment experts recommend will depend on the condition of your household water. Our course of action may include a single solution or a combination of water treatment solutions. All these will be to ensure that your household water remains safe and crystal clear. We offer a wide range of water treatment services to protect the water of your household water. Get our five stages of water filtration service to make your water free from bacteria. Our water softening service removes the hard minerals like calcium and magnesium from your water, and reverse osmosis will leave you water perfectly clean and fresh tasting.
We provide remodeling services for both commercial and residential services. Our one-stop approach saves time and money of our clients and adds a tremendous amount of value to our clients. Driven by a professional team of home remodeling architectures, contractors, builders, framers, painters, plumbers and electricians, we can handle every remodeling project no matter how big or small it is. Our remodeling professionals have completed the most demanding and complicated home remodeling projects. Our consultants and experts are available to solve your all queries associated with home remodeling, kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling or any other remodeling projects.

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"I bought a rental property and had significant issues of low water quality right from the beginning. I was very much depressed with the water quality and worried about my family's health. Good Guys water treatment professionals inspect my water filtration system and resolve the issues in significantly less time.  "

Johnny Hall

Tempe, AZ

"I wanted to install a new R/O system in my home as my old one stopped working after many years of service. But, I was not aware of the installation procedure. I decided to take Good Guys water treatment services, and the knowledgeable and polite people replaced my old R/O system with the new one quickly"


Phoenix, AZ

"I would like to take a moment to compliment Good Guys water treatment professionals for the great job they did. The people are great at installing water treatment systems and provide timely repair. Their equipment, parts, and installation are unmatched."


Buckeye, AZ


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